Welcome to the website of the German Social Democrats London.

Who are we?

We represent the friends and members of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) in the UK’s capital and the rest of the country. Our current team of speakers is formed by Silvia Schmidt, Goldie Boeller, Thomas Froehlich, Marian Jacobs and Felix Ruechardt.

What do we do?

Our group was founded in 2006 and provides a forum for political discussion. It repeatedly hosts events with former or current German politicians. We also seek to engage with the British Labour Party and other social democratic organisations in the UK and globally.

We meet every second Tuesday, due to the ongoing pandemic virtually, at 7 pm. Please do not hesitate to contact us under london [at] spdinternational [dot] de or using the message form under “Contact“. You can also find uns on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We look forward to meeting you!